About Us

Hello, I’m Kenny Houle, the managing editor and founder of Artwork Path

We cover tutorials and step-by-step processes to learn traditional art and digital art

Are you an aspiring artist and looking for guides to start drawing or painting?

Artwork Path can help you to reach your goal. We have curated information and resources to learn art systematically.

Who are We?

1. Kenny Houle

Kenny Houle

Founder, Managing Editor

Hi, I’m Kenny. I’m a digital artist who began learning art at the age of 21. I enjoy drawing cartoons and fan art. My favorite drawing applications are Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. I use a Wacom Intuos and an iPad Pro for my artwork.

My favorite art book is Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton.

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2. Vivienne Rose

Content Writer and Freelance Artist

Vivienne is a freelance artist who works on various projects. Vivienne’s favorite art software is Blender.

Vivienne’s freelance projects ranged from creating a logo to sculpting 3D art models for animation.

What is Our Learning Process?

We follow a systematic learning process called the STC method to guide you in creating an art.

Started by Seeing. It can be a reference image from an art book or the internet.

Followed by Thinking. Dissect what you see in its 3D form. A bad habit that beginner artists always make is symbol drawing. They draw the simplified idea of an object they see.

To prevent this, always think before you draw.

The last step is Creating. This will depend on which medium you use to create art. You must create an art every day to progress your skill quickly.

Make it a habit. Don’t get trapped by the perfectionist mindset.

It’s okay to create a bad drawing on your first try, second try, or even on your hundredth try.

So go out there and draw what you see and think.

Whether it’s a drawing, painting, or animation, you can use the STC method to improve your art skills.

We have helped 10 thousand artists monthly through our website and Pinterest.