How to Add New Fonts to Clip Studio Paint 

Clip Studio Paint is a popular software artists use to draw comics and manga. Since a speech bubble is needed in comics and manga, a font can make or break a comic.

Sometimes, the font you want to use is not included in the Clip Studio Paint font library. 

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to add new fonts to Clip Studio Paint

How to Add Fonts to Clip Studio Paint 

There are two ways to add new fonts to Clip Studio Paint:

Method 1: Installing the Font Directly to the Operating System

This method involves installing the Font to your operating system, making it available for all applications, including Clip Studio Paint. 

Use this approach if you have several drawing apps and you want to import the Font once and for all.

Follow these steps:

Windows OS

Step 1: Download the font file to your computer. The font file is usually in the .ttf or .otf format.

Downloading new fonts

Step 2: Close all applications, including Clip Studio Paint

Step 3: Right Click the font file you have downloaded > Choose Install

Step 4: Wait until the installation process is finished. 

Step 5: Restart your computer

Step 6: Open Clip Studio Paint. Choose the Font you have downloaded from the font library.

Mac OS

Step 1: Download the font tile to your Mac

Step 2: Open Finder, locate the file by clicking the Download menu 

Step 3: Copy the font file by right-clicking the file and choosing the Copy option. You can also use the copy shortcut by pressing Command ⌘ + C.

Step 4: Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click the Macintosh HD library.

Opening Font LIbrary in Mac

Step 5: Click Users > Your_Username > Library > Fonts folders to open the font library folder.

Step 6: Paste the unzipped font files into this folder.

Step 7: Restart your Mac

Step 8: Open Clip Studio Paint from the launchpad. Choose the Font you have downloaded from the font library.

Method 2: Importing the Font to Clip Studio Paint Only

This method allows you to add fonts directly to Clip Studio Paint without affecting the rest of your system.

Keep in mind that this importing feature is available on Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.11.6 or above, released on December 14, 2021. 

If you haven’t updated your CSP app, you won’t be able to use this feature yet. Before updating CSP, ensure you check the latest version of Clip Studio Paint’s system requirements.

Follow these steps to import your font file to CSP:

Windows & Mac OS

Step 1: Open the Clip Studio Paint app.

Step 2: Click the Text menu or by pressing T on your keyboard.

Add font from files in CSP

Step 3: Select the Font dropdown menu, and click the ‘Add Font from Files…’ section

Step 4: Select the font file (.ttf, .ttc, .otf, .otc file extension) you want to add. Click OK

Step 5: Now the new font is added to Clip Studio Paint. Select your new font on the font dropdown menu.

Opening Font file zip

Step 6: Create a speech bubble on the canvas using your new font.

Android & iPad OS

Follow these steps if you use Clip Studio Paint on Android and iPad OS:

Step 1: Tap the Text tool on the drawing menu

Step 2: Tap Tool property and then select the font list dropdown menu

Step 3: Tap the ‘Add Font from Files…’ section

Step 4: Select the font file (.ttf, .ttc, .otf, .otc file extension) you want to add. Tap Open

Step 5: Now the new font is added to Clip Studio Paint. Select the newly added font on the font dropdown menu.

I recommend you install the font to Clip Studio Paint. 

Here’s why:

  • Isolation: By adding fonts directly to Clip Studio Paint, you isolate them from the rest of your system. 

This means that if the font file you downloaded contains malware or viruses, it won’t threaten your entire computer. It will only be accessible within Clip Studio Paint.

  • Ease of Management: Fonts added using Method 2 are conveniently managed within Clip Studio Paint. You don’t clutter your system’s font library with potentially unnecessary fonts.

Fix Adding Font Doesn’t Work in Clip Studio Paint

After adding new fonts, some of you may encounter issues such as:

  • New Font Doesn’t Show Up in Font List
  • New Font can’t be clicked or used
  • An Error message popup appears when choosing the font.
  • The software froze up after using the font.

No worries, make sure you follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Close Clip Studio Paint and restart your computer

Step 2: Open the Clip Studio app (The app you used to log in and register CSP).

Opening Clip Studio App

Step 3: While holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, click on the Paint icon.

Reset tool settings in CSP

Step 4: Select the Tool option. 

Step 5: Click OK to reset all the Tool’s settings in Clip Studio paint

Step 6: Redownload the font file and import the files to Clip Studio Paint

Step 7: Repeat Step 1, then try the new font in Clip Studio Paint

How to find fonts to use in Clip Studio Paint

You can easily find fonts online. There are many websites that give downloadable fonts for free.

Examples of such websites include:

Besides free font, you can look for premium fonts sold on font providers like Adobe Font.

Make sure before downloading you understand the license to use the font. Some fonts may come with usage restrictions, preventing them from commercial use.

If a font’s license prevents commercial use without permission, you can’t use it for your comic or manga.

Recommended Font for Clip Studio Paint

If you’re planning to draw comics, manga, or webtoons in Clip Studio Paint, CC Wild Words is one of the best fonts to consider. CC Wild Words is the most popular font in English comics and English-translated manga. It’s a font that’s easy to read and provides a natural vibe to the reader.

Besides CC Wild Words, you can consider the following fonts:

  • CC Astro City
  • Augie
  • Manga Temple
  • Laffayette Comic Pro
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