How to Adjust Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Procreate

If you like drawing on Procreate, you know settings matter. One important setting is Pen Pressure Sensitivity. With pen pressure sensitivity, you can draw a thin and thick line by pressing the Apple pencil harder on the iPad.

Adjusting the pen pressure sensitivity in Procreate can make drawing feel more natural, especially if you’re used to drawing on paper.

The Pressure Sensitivity Curve changes how your drawing pen, like the Apple Pencil, works on the screen. Think of it like drawing a big tree or a detailed cartoon character. You need different types of lines, right?

In this guide, I will show you how to adjust the Pressure Sensitivity settings in Procreate. 

How to Adjust Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Procreate

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Procreate app

Step 2: Open a previously saved canvas

Opening prefs

Step 3: Tap Action menu (wrench icon) > Select Prefs > Pressure and Smoothing

You will see stabilization, motion filtering, motion filtering expression and App pressure sensitivity settings. Only focus on the app pressure sensitivity setting.

app pressure sensitivity in Procreate

Step 4: Adjust the line at the App Pressure Sensitivity curve graph. Tap the line and drag it up or down. Dragging the curve line upwards will increase the pen pressure sensitivity in Procreate, and dragging it downwards will decrease it.

App Pressure Sensitivity Recommended Settings

The pressure sensitivity curve graph visually represents how your Apple Pencil responds to your touch. Let’s break it down:

X-axis (Horizontal)

The X-axis on the graph represents pressure. By shifting the curve to the left, your Apple Pencil will react more to light touches. If you push the curve to the right, you’ll need to apply more pressure with the Apple Pencil before noticing any significant response.

Y-axis (Vertical)

The Y-axis defines the Apple Pencil’s output. If you push the curve to the top, the brush will produce lines at their thickest and most opaque. On the other hand, dragging the curve down will result in thinner or more see-through lines.

Adding More Points for Precision

Procreate allows you to add additional points to the pressure curve. These extra points can fine-tune how the Apple Pencil transitions between different pressure levels or line thicknesses. Here’s how:

  • To add a point, simply tap anywhere on the line.
  • To move a point, drag it along the line.
  • To delete or reset a point, tap the specific point and choose the desired option.

Remember, Procreate allows up to six points on the curve, but this count includes the two default points at either end.

Improve Pen Pressure in Procreate

If the pressure curve is not set up correctly, it will be hard to draw, and the Apple Pencil won’t behave as you want it to be.

Emulating Wacom pressure settings

Follow these tips to improve the pressure curve:

  • Before making any adjustments, reset the pressure curve to its default setting.
  • Follow the Wacom pen pressure setting by starting with a curve that initially remains close and flat to the x-axis. As you progress along the x-axis, the curve should rise sharply to almost the top of the y-axis. 
  • As you make changes, draw frequently to check the effects of your adjustments. It’s easier to notice what’s working and what isn’t after you tried it once
  • Adjust the curve to be more sensitive if you naturally have a heavy hand. Conversely, a less sensitive curve is beneficial if you use a lighter touch.

Try drawing in another app if you don’t get enough pen pressure sensitivity in Procreate. If the same issue arises, consult these articles for guidance:

6 Ways to Fix Pen Pressure Not Working in Krita

8 Ways to Fix Pen Pressure Not Working in Clip Studio Paint

The problem might be due to a damaged nib or tip of the Apple Pencil.

Consider replacing it if it’s damaged.

Styluses Compatible with Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Procreate

Not all styluses are compatible with Procreate.

According to the official Procreate FAQ, the Apple Pencil 1 and 2 are the only styluses compatible with Procreate.

If you buy a 3rd party stylus, even though you can draw with it in Procreate, the brush stroke will be flat.

Why? Because pen pressure sensitivity isn’t enabled on that stylus. You’ll have to adjust the size manually each time you draw.

Sorry, that’s actually the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to adjust the size manually every time you press the stylus on the iPad.

There is a brand that advertises itself as compatible with Procreate. You might ask, can you use Logitech Crayon with Procreate? The Logitech Crayon is compatible with Procreate. However, a notable limitation is its inability to register pressure sensitivity. 

Logitech Crayon can be helpful for basic sketches and drawings. Professionals or advanced artists might find the lack of pressure sensitivity limiting.

The pressure sensitivity in a stylus can be crucial for achieving varying line widths, shading effects, and more nuanced artwork.

How to Disable Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Procreate

Turn off pen pressure in Procreate

If you want to create a consistent line, you can temporarily turn off pen pressure sensitivity in Procreate. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Procreate

Step 2: Tap the Action menu (wrench icon) > Select Prefs > Pressure and Smoothing

Step 3: Move the top right point to the top left on the App Pressure Sensitivity curve graph. This action sets the x value of the graph to zero.

Step 4: Close the menu. Test the current sensitivity by drawing in Procreate with an apple pencil. 

If the pressure sensitivity is correctly disabled, there will be no variation in the thickness of the line.

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