How to Add & Manage Fonts to Krita [Quick Guide]

Krita is a popular drawing app many artists use to draw comics and manga. Fonts are important for artists, especially for comic and manga artists.

How good your comic is can be influenced by the font you use. Sometimes, the font you want to use is not included in the Krita font library.

The good news is that adding new fonts is possible in Krita. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to add new fonts to Krita.

How to Add Fonts to Krita

Krita uses the fonts installed on your system. That means any font you add to your computer will automatically become available in Krita.

You can’t directly import fonts into Krita. Unlike in Clip Studio Paint, where you can add fonts directly to the application, in Krita, you must first install the font to your system.

Follow these steps to start importing new fonts to your system:

Step 1: Downloading the Font

You can easily find fonts online. There are many websites that give downloadable fonts for free.

Downloading free font in Google Font

Examples of websites that provide free fonts:

Besides free font, you can look for premium fonts sold on font providers like Adobe Font. 

Make sure before downloading you understand the license to use the font. Some fonts may come with usage restrictions, preventing them from commercial use.

If a font’s license prevents commercial use without permission, you can’t use it for your comic or manga.

Once you’ve found the font that suits your style, simply click the Download button. 

Step 2: Installing the New Font on Your System

After downloading your chosen font, it’s time to install it onto your system. Ensure your system meets the necessary requirements. For details, check out Krita System Requirement.

Windows OS

Step 1: Close all applications, including Krita

Step 2: Open Windows Explorer. Locate the downloaded font file (usually in .ttf or .otf format). 

Step 3: Double-click the file to open it. This will bring up a preview of the font and an ‘Install’ button at the window’s top right corner. Hit the ‘Install’ button. 

Step 4: Wait until the installation process is finished. 

Step 5: Restart your computer

Mac OS

Step 1: Close all applications, including Krita

Step 2: Open Finder, locate the file by clicking the Download menu  

Step 3: Copy the font file by right-clicking the file and choosing the Copy option. You can also use the copy shortcut by pressing Command ⌘ + C.

Opening Font Library

Step 4: Hold down the Option key on your keyboard to open the hidden library and click the Macintosh HD library.

Step 5: Click Users > Your_Username > Library > Fonts folders to open the font library folder.

Paste Font File in the Font Library

Step 6: Paste the unzipped font files into this folder.

Step 7: Restart your Mac

Step 8: Open Krita from the Launchpad or Desktop

Note: Krita in Android Tablet is still in Beta. We still can’t find a way to add a new font to the Android version of Krita.

Step 3: Using the Newly Added Fonts in Krita

The processes to use text are a bit different in Krita. Krita doesn’t have a Text tool shortcut and properties docker. Follow these steps to use your newly added font in Krita.

Step 1: Open Krita and create a new document. Select the Add Text Tool from the toolbar.

Edit Krita placeholder text

Step 2: Click and drag the pointer to create a placeholder Text

Font type dropdown menu in Krita

Step 3: On the font type dropdown menu, scroll down and select the newly added font

Step 4: On the Rich Text section, type the text you want to add

Step 5: Click Save. Your new text is created on the canvas.

How to Delete Fonts in Fonts

You can’t delete the default Fonts in Krita, but you can delete the newly added Font. 

To do so, locate the font file by opening the Font directories.

Windows users: C:\Windows\Fonts

MacOS users: /Library/Fonts

Right-click the font file, and delete the font. Be careful not to delete other fonts accidentally.

Fix Adding Font Doesn’t Work in Krita

After adding new fonts, some users may encounter the following issues:

  • New Font Doesn’t Show Up in Font Library
  • The text is not visible after using the font
  • An Error message popup appears after clicking the Font
  • The software freezes after using the font

No worries, here are the solutions you can use to resolve these issues:

Solution 1: Locate the font file

After installing the font, you can locate the file by searching for these folders.

Windows users: C:\Windows\Fonts

MacOS users: /Library/Fonts

Check if the font is installed correctly or not. Krita supports .ttf and .otf files, so make sure your font is one of these types.

Solution 2: Reboot your computer

After installing the new font, you must restart your computer. If you haven’t done so, restart your computer.  

Solution 3: Update Krita

Make sure you update Krita to the latest version of the app. Updated software has the necessary support and bug fixes that newer fonts may require.

Krita About Us

To check your current version, click the About Krita menu. You can find your current software version in the right section.

To check the latest version, head to the Krita download website:

Download the latest version if your app is outdated.

Solution 4: Redownload the font file

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with Krita on your computer but instead with the font file itself. 

There is a chance that you downloaded the wrong file or your downloaded file is corrupted. Try downloading the font from a different source and see if the font is usable or not. 

Recommended Font for Krita

If you’re planning to draw comics, manga, or webtoons in Krita, CC Wild Words is the recommended font to use. CC Wild Words font is easy to read and has an elegant, distinct style.  

Besides CC Wild Words, you can consider the following fonts:

  • CC Astro City
  • Augie
  • Manga Temple
  • Laffayette Comic Pro
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