Drawing a Cartoon Bat: Step-by-Step Guide

A bat is an animal that is popular among children and beginner artists to draw. Drawing a cartoon bat is relatively easy.

In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw a bat. This guide applies to both traditional and digital art. 

If you choose to draw a bat traditionally, you will need paper, a soft pencil (HB), and a hard pencil (2B-4B). 

For digital drawing, simply use your favorite drawing app. For this guide, I will be using Procreate.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw a Cartoon Bat 

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes of the Bat

Bat basic shapes

The first step in drawing a bat is to start with the basic shapes. For the head, draw a circle. The circle doesn’t need to be perfect and is only used as a reference.

After drawing the circle, draw the basic shapes of the ears by adding a triangle on the right and left sides of the circle.

Then, draw the body using an ellipse and the wings using two rectangles beside the body.

Step 2: Draw the Head and the Ears

draw the bat's head and ear

Now, draw the face of the bat from the circle. Make the bottom part of the face a bit longer so it’s not a perfect circle. You can add fur if you want to.

After drawing the face, draw pointy ears from the two triangles. Draw both the inner and outer parts of the bat’s ears.

Step 3: Draw the Eyes and Nose

bat's eye and nose

After drawing the face, illustrate both the eyes and the nose. Don’t forget to draw the eyebrows above the eyes.

Make sure the nose is at the center of the face. It’s okay if your drawn eyes are not fully symmetrical. Use a ruler to draw the eyes more quickly.

Skip the mouth for the latter step because doing it all at once is a bit hard.

Step 4: Draw the Body and the Wings of the Bat

Body and the wing of the bat

Start by drawing the body, followed by the wings, from the basic shapes you have drawn in the first step. You also need to draw the feet and the tail for the body.

After drawing the body, draw the wings of the bat. The wings should be symmetrical, with a webbed portion at the bottom.

Step 5: Perfect the Wings

Improving the bat's wing

Complete the wings by following the above instructions. As you can see, each bat wing is separated into three sections with a line at the top of the wing.

Step 6: Draw the Mouth and the Fangs

Finishing the bat drawing

Draw the mouth of the bat. Draw the mouth below the nose, symmetrical to the face.

Start by drawing a curved line and a half-ellipse to draw the mouth. Then, draw a half-circle at the bottom for the tongue.

Then, at the corners of the mouth, draw the sharp teeth or fangs of the bat.

Step 7: Color Your Drawing

Coloring the bat

Your drawing is finished. Now you can color it. If you drew it on paper, use colored pencils or markers to color your bat.

If you draw it digitally, you can use the fill tool to color the bat.

I chose dark blue for the wings, and I chose brown for the body part of the bat. You can choose another color if you’re not satisfied with my choice.

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