How to Draw a Cartoon T-Rex

Dinosaurs are amazing. For those of us living in the current era, its unimaginable that these giants once roamed the earth and were at the top of the food chain. 

Many video games, films, and shows explore what dinosaurs might have looked like in real life, instead of just their fossils.

The T-Rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs. Everyone knows the T-Rex. In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

If you choose to draw a Tyrannosaurus traditionally, you will need paper, a soft pencil (HB), a hard pencil (2B-4B), and colored pencils. 

For digital drawing, simply use your favorite drawing application. For this guide, I will be using Procreate.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw a Cartoon T-Rex

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes of the T-Rex

Basic shapes of Trex

First, draw the basic shapes of T-Rex. Use a soft pencil (HB) if you draw it traditionally. We need to draw the primary forms of T-rex head, body, arm, feet and tail as a sketch.

For the head, draw a circle. The circle doesnt need to be perfect and is only used as a reference. Draw two triangles for the trex mouth.

Draw an ellipse for the T-Rex’s body. Between the body and the head, draw a rectangle for its neck.

Finally, draw the basic shapes of the T-Rex arm, feet and tail with rectangles and circles. You can follow my example of how I draw the basic outlines of the T-Rex.

Step 2: Draw The T-Rex Head and Neck

Draw the Trex head and neck

Draw the head and the neck of T-Rex from the circle.

The top mouth should be curved, and the bottom mouth slowly go upward. 

Then, draw the T-rex neck. Make it slimmer. Skip the drawing of eyes, teeth and tongue for the later step.

Step 3: Draw The T-Rex Body and arm

Draw the trex body and arm

From the ellipse, draw the T-Rex Body. Draw it confidently in one stroke. Dont do chicken scratch drawing. The back of the dinosaur should be wider. 

Ensure youre drawing the chest correctly to make the T-rex look strong and tough. 

Then, draw the arm. The right arm should be small, just like the image shows. Then, draw the right arm finger and left arm finger. The left arm is hidden from the point of view that I used for drawing.

After finishing drawing the arm, delete the sketch for the top body part. You dont need them. Use an eraser if you draw it traditionally. Delete the sketch layer if you draw it digitally.

Step 4: Draw The Feet

trex legs drawing

First, start with the right upper leg of the T-Rex. Draw the thigh muscle, the knee, and finally, the lower leg from the sketch of the leg you have drawn. For the toe, just draw it like a chicken toe.

Dont forget that chicken is the descendant of t-rex, so yes, we can refer to it. Just make it bigger.

After drawing the right leg, draw the left leg. The upper left is hidden from our point of view.

Step 5: Draw The Tail

trex tail

Draw the tail from the rectangle you have drawn. The tail should be curled to the left. From the body of the trex, the tail gradually becomes smaller.

If you fail to draw the tail, you dont need to curl it like I do. Just draw it, resting on the ground like a snake.

Step 6: Finish The T-Rex Eyes and Mouth

finished trex drawing

Now, we finally draw the eyes and mouth. I draw the eye similar to the eyes of a lizard and a snake. The T-Rex eye has an ellipse shape instead of a circle like the human eyes.

For the mouth, draw the teeth. The back of the mouth should have wide but small teeth (still sharp), while the front of the mouth should have big, narrow, sharp teeth.

Step 7: Color The T-Rex

coloring t-rex drawing

Your t-rex drawing is finished. Now you can color it. If you drew it on paper, use colored pencils or markers to color your dinosaur.

Drawing it digitally lets you use the fill tool to color the T-rex.

I chose a green color for most of the T-rex body. You can choose between gray, brown and green for the color T-Rex. Its just a matter of style. No one knows the true color of T-Rex anyway, right?

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