How to Draw a Parrot 🦜

Parrots are interesting animals. They can create sounds similar to human speech, which is no wonder why parrots are popular among kids and children.

Because parrots are beautiful, many children with artistic dreams want to draw them.

However, drawing birds, especially parrots, takes work. In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw a parrot.

If you choose to draw a parrot, you will need paper, a soft pencil (HB), a hard pencil (2B-4B), and colored pencils. 

For digital drawing, simply use your favorite drawing application. For this guide, I will be using Procreate.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw a Parrot 🦜

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes of the Parrot

Basic shape

First, draw the basic shapes of the parrot. Use a soft pencil (HB) if you are drawing traditionally. We need to sketch the basic outlines of the parrot’s head, body, beak, wing, feet, and tail feathers.

For the head, draw a circle. Draw a rectangle for the beak.

Draw a large rectangle for the parrot’s body. For the right wing, draw a rectangle beside the body.

Now, draw a long line that we will use for the tree branch where the parrot will be standing. Don’t forget to draw its toes above the tree branch.

You can follow my example of how I draw the basic outlines of the parrot.

Step 2: Draw the Parrot’s Head, Eye, and Beak 

Draw Parrot's head and beak

Now, we start drawing the parrot’s head. From the circle, draw the neck leading up to the top of the head and then down to the other side of the neck.

Draw an eye at the left (or right from the parrot’s point of view). The eye is simple; just draw the white part of the eye (the sclera) followed by the black/colored part of the eye.

Finally, draw the parrot’s beak. The top beak is bigger and a bit longer than the bottom beak to make it look good.

Step 3: Draw The Parrot’s Body and Wing

Draw parrot's wing

From the ellipse, draw the parrot’s body. Draw it confidently in one stroke; avoid sketchy, hesitant lines. The body of the parrot should be lean, not fat.

Then, draw the right wing. In our drawing, we will only show the right wing. The wing is long, starting above the halfway point of the parrot’s body and extending down below the tree branch.

Step 4: Draw The Leg

parrot's leg

First, start with the left upper leg of the parrot. Draw the thigh muscle first, followed by the leg. Skip the toes or claw for the later step.

After drawing the left leg, draw the right leg. The thigh will be hidden for the right leg. Then, draw the tree branch below the parrot’s legs completely.

Delete all sketches since we have finished using the basic shape for drawing 80% of the parrot.

Step 5: Draw The Toes and Tail Feathers

Parrot claw and tail

Now, draw the tail feathers below the parrot’s body. The tail feather is shaped like a triangle with multiple sections of smaller triangles.

After drawing the tail, add the toes where they grasp the tree branch.

Step 6: Color The Parrot

Coloring the Parrot

Your parrot drawing is finished. Now you can color it. If you drew it on paper, use colored pencils or markers to color your dinosaur.

If you draw it digitally, you can paint it with the fill tool to color the parrot.

I chose a red color for most of the parrot’s body. You can choose between yellow, blue, green and red for the color parrot. 

The color of the wing and tail should be multicolored to make the parrot pretty to look.

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