How to Draw Mewtwo Step By Step

Mewtwo is a unique Pokemon for me. I like seeing Mewtwo every time it appears in Pokemon anime and movies. The backstory and design of Mewtwo are the ones that captivate me.

It looks fantastic, too, like a cat made in a science lab. No matter what, Mewtwo will always be one of my favorite Pokemon!

If you want to draw Mewtwo, I will help you do so by following my step-by-step drawing guide. 

This guide will break down the process into small steps, from sketching the basic shapes to coloring your drawing.

Tools Needed

You’ll need paper, a soft pencil (HB) for sketching, a hard pencil (2B-4B) for drawing, and colored pencils if you want to add color. If drawing digitally, use any app you like.

I will use Procreate on my iPad for my Mewtwo drawing. Besides Procreate, you can use Photoshop,  Krita, Medibang, Clip Studio Paint or other drawing apps to draw your Pokemon.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw Mewtwo

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes of the Mewtwo

Outline the mewtwo

For the first step of our drawing, you need to draw the basic shapes of the Mewtwo.

You may ask why you should draw the basic shapes first, right?

Because it can make drawing more accessible and faster.

Start thinking about what 2D or 3D shapes you can use to draw Mewtwo. You must draw the outline for Mewtwo’s body, head, ears, arms, legs, and tail. 

Head and Ears:

  • Start by drawing a circle slightly on top of your paper or canvas. This will be the base of Mewtwo’s head.
  • On top of the head, draw two small circle shapes for the ears


  • Below the head circle, draw a long rectangle. Then, outline Mewtwo’s arm using circles and rectangles. You can follow my example of how I do it.

Leg and Tail

  • Draw two ellipses for the Mewtwo’s hip and upper leg. Then, draw another two circles and two triangles for Mewtwo’s lower leg and feet.
  • Draw two long triangles to outline the Mewtwo’s tail.

Now, check the overall proportions of your shapes. The head should be slightly smaller than the body, and the tail should be big and extended from your point of view.

You can adjust the sizes slightly to match your favorite style.

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Step 2: Draw the Right Part of Mewto’s Head and the Ears

Drawing the right part of Mewtwo head and ears

Start drawing Mewtwo’s head by following the circle you drew for the head in Step 1.

First, Divide it into two halves with a vertical line drawn down the center. This will help you place the facial features symmetrically. Start drawing the right part of the head (left in our point of view). 

Draw the curve for the mouth and eye first. As I draw the head higher, you can see that I make two curves to the left and right.

After drawing the right part of the head, draw the right ear and left ear from the circles you have drawn.

Draw confidently, without any hesitation, in one stroke. Avoid sketch and hesitant lines; a chicken scratch line is terrible for drawing and shows you’re not confident with your line.

Step 3: Complete the Left Part of the Head

Complete the Left Part of the Head

Now, you complete the left part of the head by following the outline. After finishing the head, check the proportion. Use an eraser to fix any mistake in the proportion of your drawing. 

After finishing the left part, complete the head by drawing the mouth with a simple line from left to right.

Then, you can draw the nose by drawing a small dot above the mouth. Then, draw two small lines for the eyelid part.

Step 4: Draw the Eye

Drawing Mewtwo left eye

For the Mewtwo drawing, you only need to draw the left eye. Draw the eye below the eyelid you have drawn in the previous step.

First, draw the eyelashes by drawing slowly upward from left to right. Then, draw the lower eyelid and pupil.

The shape of the pupil is long ellipses. You can draw it with a perfect circle if you want to. But I made it long to give it an intense look.

Step 5: Draw the Chest

Draw the Mewtwo's chest

Now, draw the chest of the Mewtwo. I don’t know if it is a design choice by the artist, but the chest of Mewtwo is similar to breastplate armor.

To begin the drawing, draw a left and right part of the chest by drawing two equal curved lines. Then, connect the lines at the bottom with a line curving to the top. 

You can make the chest realistic by drawing a few lines to mark the sternum.

Step 6: Draw the Back and Right Arm

Draw mewtwo stomatch and back

From the right chest, extend the line to draw the stomach.  From the left chest, extend the line too to draw the back.

After finishing the back, you can draw the upper and lower right arm.

Step 7: Finish the Right and Left Arm

Finish drawing the mewtwo's right and left arm

Now, finish the right arm and left arm by drawing the finger. Use the outline to draw the finger.

You can draw three short lines extending from each hand to represent fingers. You need to draw the two joints of the fingers, with each arm only having three fingers for Mewtwo.

It’s okay if your finger doesn’t look perfect. Drawing fingers is tricky for beginners. You can erase it and try to redraw it. 

Don’t aim for perfection; just go to the next step after you’re satisfied.

Step 8: Draw the Hip and Upper Leg

Draw mewtwo hip

We’re close to finishing our drawing. Only the legs and tail are left.

For this step, draw the hip and upper leg from the big circle below the body from Step 1. It’s okay to make it wider than the stomach. Below the hip, it’s connected to the tail behind.

Step 9: Draw the Feet and Tail

Draw mewtwo feet and tail

Now draw the Mewtwo’s feet and tail. You can follow my example of how I draw the feet. 

It looks like a dinosaur or lizard’s feet. 

First, draw the heel and ankle. Draw a short, curved line at the back of each foot to define the heel. Then, draw the toes with a circle to finish the feet part of your drawing.

Pay attention to the size and placement of the toes. They should be evenly spaced and positioned around the foot.

Erase your sketch to make your drawing look cleaner.

First, draw the long tail of Mewtwo. It begins by curving upwards before finally swerving down and towards the front, positioned to the left of Mewtwo from our perspective (right from our point of view).

Step 10: Color the Mewtwo

Color Mewtwo

Your Mewtwo drawing is finally finished. Finally, you can color your Mewtwo drawing. 

If you draw it digitally, you can use these RGB color codes:

White Part of Body: (246,240,246)

The brown part of the chest: (219,212,224)

The pink of the tail: (179,139,179)

If you draw it traditionally, then follow these tips:

  • Start by filling in the entire Mewtwo with a light white pencil. Use gentle strokes and layer the color gradually to avoid harsh lines.
  • Use a black pencil to add details like the eyes, pupils, mouth, nose, and tail tip. 
  • Use Pink color for the tail
  • Use a gray color for the chest

Important notice: 

All trademarks, copyrights, and character designs related to Pokémon are the sole property of Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK Inc.

The information and instructions provided here are intended solely for educational and entertainment purposes and do not infringe upon any existing intellectual property rights held by Nintendo, Creatures Inc., or GAME FREAK Inc.

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