How to Download and Install Krita Easily

Krita is a popular drawing software that many artists use to draw their digital art.  

In this article, we look at how to download and install Krita on Windows and Android tablets. We also provide various solutions if Krita fails to install on your devices.

With our step-by-step instructions, you can start using Krita immediately

How to Install Krita on Windows Devices

Krita support both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to have at least 500 MB on your Windows PC storage to install Krita

To install Krita on your Windows PC and Laptop, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Krita website using this link:

Krita website

Step 2: Click the “Get Krita Now” button

Download Krita Windows Installer 64-bit

Step 3: A new window will appear. Click the “Windows Installer 64-bit” button. A download prompt will appear on your web browser. Wait until the download process is finished

Waiting Krita download on Google Chrome

Step 4: Press Ctrl + J to find the downloaded Krita installation file. Click the Krita setup .exe file

Opening Krita setup.exe

Step 5: Follow the installation process. Click the “I accept the terms of License Agreement” option and click the “Next>” button

Accepting Krita License AGreement

Step 6: Choose which folder you want Install Krita to. The default option is C:\Program Files\Krita (x64). After choosing the destination folder, click Next

Step 7: Select the “Shell Integration” option, which is essential for the Krita application to function normally. Clicking next will ask you to agree to Krita Shell Extension License Agreement. Click Next to agree

Krita Shell Integration

Step 8: Select the “Create a Desktop icon” option to create a Krita shortcut on the Desktop.  Click “Install”. Wait until the installation process finished

Last step of Krita installation

Step 9: Click “Next”, then click “Finish” to complete the Krita installation setup

Finishing Krita setup

Step 10: Open Krita App by clicking the shortcut on the desktop menu

Clicking Krita shortcut on Desktop

Step 11: You can start using the Krita application on your Windows PC

How to Install Krita on Android Tablet

The Krita app on Android Tablets is still in beta version. This means the app is not stable enough to use for digital artists.

But if you insist on Installing Krita app on your android tablet, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open these links:

Step 2: Click the “Release Notes” link

Downloading Krita Android version

Step 3: Scroll down, and on the Android menu, choose APK based on which android version you have on your tablet.

You can Google your Android tablet to make sure you download the correct APK version. Search on Google using this keyword: “Is <Your Android Tablet> 32bit or 64 bit

The alternative method is to check the amount of RAM in your device. If your Tablet RAM is higher than 4GB, it will always come with a 64 Bits Android OS.

Samsung tablets, especially the Samsung Tab S lineup, always came with 64 Bit CPU and Android OS

Step 4: For my Samsung S7 Plus tablet, I click the 64 Bits ARM APK link

Step 5: A new download prompt will appear on your web browser. Wait until the download process is finished

Step 6: Install Krita by clicking the APK file

Keep in mind that you can’t install Krita on an Android smartphone. Krita only work with large-screen device, which is not available on most android smartphones

Why Can’t I Install Krita on My PC?

To fix the failure of installing Krita, you need to identify the reason why the installation process fails

There are four possible reasons why you can’t Install Krita on your PC.

1. Krita Installation file is Corrupt

The first reason is the installation file is corrupt, so you need to re-download it on the Krita website

Always download Krita on the official website at:

2. You have Windows 32-bit

Windows 32-bit is not compatible with the latest version of Krita

You need to download the Krita app version that still supports Windows 32 Bits. The latest Krita application that supports Windows 32 Bits is Krita 4.4.3. If you have a PC that has Windows 32-bit, you won’t get the new feature that came with Krita 5

Download Krita 4.4.3 at this link:

Scroll down and click the 32 bits Windows Installer Download link

3. Antivirus is preventing you from installing Krita

Your antivirus can falsely detect that the Krita installation file is a virus or malware

If you download the Krita app from the official Krita website, you need to whitelist Krita on your antivirus. After whitelisting the Krita file, open the installation file and follow the installation process until completed

4. The Firewall is blocking you from downloading Krita

Your network firewall can stop you from downloading Krita. Usually, this happens if you connect to the school’s Wi-Fi network

The quick fix is connecting to a different Wi-Fi network and re-downloading the Krita installation file.

The Reason Why Krita is Not Available on iPhone and iPad

Krita is not available on Apple’s App Store because Krita app’s license is GPL v3. According to Apple’s Developer Guideline, Apple doesn’t accept apps with GPL licenses on their App store. This means you can’t install Krita on both iPhone and iPad

I don’t think in the near future Krita will support iOS and iPadOS. Because currently, there are no developers that have started the project of porting Krita to iPadOS on the Krita developers’ forum.

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