How to Use Lasso and Other Selection Tools in Krita

The selection tool is an important feature of Krita. The selection tool allows you to pick a specific area from the canvas. After selecting it, you can do many things with it, for example, cut, copy, transform, paint or move to another layer.

Krita offers many selection tools, including its counterpart to Photoshop’s popular Lasso tool: the Freehand Selection Tool. Both tools let you freely draw around your desired area to make selections.

In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Freehand Selection Tool and other selection tools Krita offers.

Freehand Selection Tool

Freehand Selection Tool Krita

Function: The Freehand/Lasso tool is used for a rough selection by drawing the selection outline freehand on the canvas.

Shortcut: No default shortcut in Krita. You need to adjust shortcut settings in Krita manually to add it. 

How to Use the Freehand Selection Tool

Step 1: First click the Freehand Selection Tool in the left toolbar.

Create selection using lasso tool in Krita

Step 2: Then click an area and create a selection by tracing around it with your mouse or stylus.

Step 3: Release the click or click Enter to complete the selection. You will see a marching ants pattern showing the selected area.

Step 4: Now, you can do anything with the selected area. For example, you can move it by clicking the move tool or pressing T.

Transform Selection

You can edit the selection by transforming it. To transform your selection, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T on Windows or Cmd ⌘ + T on Mac. 

You can also access the transform tool by clicking the top menu Select > Edit Selection.

Invert Selection

Invert selection

You can invert the selection if you want to select the area outside the selection instead of inside.

To reverse what’s selected and choose everything outside of your current selection, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the top menu bar and click on “Select.”
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose “Invert Selection.”

Alternatively, you can use these handy keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows: Press Shift + Control + I simultaneously.
  • Mac: Press Shift + Command (⌘) + I simultaneously.

Removing Selection

To remove a selection, you have two options:

  1. Use the top menu: Click Select, then choose Deselect.
  2. Use a keyboard shortcut:
  • Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + A
  • Mac: Press Cmd ⌘ + Shift + A

You can also deselect by just mouse left click anywhere on the canvas

Tips when using the Freehand selection tool

  • Use a stylus or drawing tablet when using this tool. Using a mouse or touchpad is almost impossible because you must manually move the cursor.
  • The Bezier Curve Selection tool is the better choice if you use a mouse.
  • Don’t worry about being too precise—you can refine the selection later.
  • Simply follow the natural contours of the object, tracing its edges as closely as possible.
  • Keep your mouse button or stylus held down as you create selection.

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List of Other Selection Tools

Rectangular Selection ToolCreate a selection with the shape of a square or rectangle
Elliptical Selection ToolCreate a selection with the shape of a circle
Polygonal Selection ToolCreate a selection with the shape of an adjustable polygon
Similar Color Selection ToolCreate a selection based on an area with the same color
Bezier Curve Selection ToolManually create a selection each time you click or press the mouse/stylus.

Bezier Curve Selection Tool

Here’s a simple breakdown of the differences between the Bezier Curve Selection Tool and the Freehand Selection Tool:

Bezier Curve Selection Tool:

  • Creates precise, smooth curves with control points by pressing the mouse.
  • Click to place points, and drag to create handles that shape the curve.
  • Ideal for exact shapes and paths, like logos and noncircular shape
  • It can be further edited on vector layers with the Shape Edit Tool.

Freehand Selection Tool:

  • Draws freehand selections by tracing around the desired area.
  • Need a stylus or drawing tablet to be more precise when using this tool
  • It is more intuitive and natural for quick, organic selections.
  • Perfect for selecting objects with irregular shapes or fuzzy edges.

How to Use the Bezier Curve Selection Tool

Bezier curve selection tool krita

Step 1: Click the Bezier Curve Selection Tool in the left toolbar.

first point of bezier curve

Step 2: Zoom in and carefully click any part of the image or the canvas as a start. 

For example, in my shark drawing, I want to create a selection on the fin area. So I click the area beside the fin. After clicking, a diamond shape will appear that signifies the start of the selection.

Last point of bezier curve

Step 3: Continue clicking around the image until the first anchor point meets with the last anchor point. You can also click Enter to finish the selection.

Step 4: Now, you can do anything with the selected area. 

As I explained in the freehand selection section, you can now move, cut, transform, invert, and delete your selection.

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