Is Krita Good and Worth it for Beginners?

If you are a beginner and wondering if Krita is perfect for you, then you have come to the right place

Many artists searched for the perfect art software at the start of their art journey.  

I know because I do it, too. All of us don’t want to make a mistake by committing to the wrong drawing app

So, let’s get over why Krita is worth it for everyone, including beginner artists.

Why Some Drawing Apps are more Beginner-Friendly than others

Not all drawing apps are perfect to use for a beginner. Learning art is hard. Learning art while learning software at the same time is more complicated.

To make learning to draw easier and quicker, you should choose a good drawing app for beginners.

After testing various drawing apps, here is the list of criteria that a drawing app must have to make it suitable for beginner artists

1. The drawing app is easy to use and easy to learn

2. Contain essential features for drawing and painting

3. Compatible with your PC/laptop and your drawing tablet

4. The app is continuously supported and periodically gets a new update

5. The app is inexpensive to purchase or free to use

6. You can easily find tutorials on YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and art forums

Is Krita Worth it For Beginners?

Krita is a drawing app for beginners and professionals. It contains all the essential features needed to create figure drawings, concept art, comics and animation.

I was astonished when I started using Krita because it is so well-documented, unlike other drawing apps. For example, you can easily modify the keyboard shortcuts in Krita.

There is a user manual covering every question beginners will ask when using Krita for the first time

You can access the Krita user manual at:

As a result, even beginner artists can quickly master Krita’s drawing and painting tools

Krita is Easy to Learn and Master

Drawing AppThe difficulty of Learning the Drawing app
Clip Studio PaintIntermediate

Krita is easy to learn because many resources online, such as YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and art forums, can teach you how to draw using Krita.

One of my artist friends from Discord once asked me if Krita is good for people like them who have never had digital art experience.

After he tried Krita, he quickly learned Krita in a matter of days.

This is anecdotal evidence, but it proves that Krita is easy to learn. It is the perfect drawing app for both beginners and experienced artists.

Krita UI is similar to Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, which makes the transition from one drawing app to another easier for the artists. You can easily import brushes from Photoshop and other compatible software to Krita.

Since Krita is free, if you want to change to another drawing app, you won’t feel bad for wasting the money

Krita Learning Curve is Low

Krita Learning Curve and Time to Master Krita

Krita’s learning curve will be lower if you have prior experience with traditional and digital art.

Krita has a low learning curve compared to other programs like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can use Liquify and Lasso tools in Krita.

Note that just because you are good at drawing on paper with a pencil doesn’t mean the skill will translate to digital art

Some of your art skills will carry over, especially the important foundation skill in all arts. But you need to learn new things specific to the digital art medium

Don’t be harsh on yourself if you take the time to learn a new art medium. Treat yourself like a beginner who just started.

If you are struggling to draw digital art, it’s okay to ask someone on an Art Discord server or Reddit Art Community for help.

Krita Supports a Wide Range of Devices

You can use Krita on PCs and laptops with Windows, macOS, Android OS (tablet only), ChromeOS, and Linux. Krita’s recommended specs are not high, so most people don’t need to buy a new device

Krita supports various drawing tablets from Wacom, Huion, and XP Pen.

Most beginners won’t need to prepare anything but a drawing tablet before they can use Krita

Use Krita Straightaway Without Buying Anything

To start using Krita, you only need a PC, a laptop, and a drawing tablet. The tablet can be a screenless drawing tablet or a graphics tablet with a screen as long as it’s compatible with Krita.

In fact, if you use a laptop with touch screen capability, you don’t need to buy additional drawing gear to start using Krita.

Some apps require you to register an account before you can start using them. Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint fall into this category.

With Krita, you don’t need to register an account. All the necessary tools to draw and paint are available in the app for free.

Traditional arts sometimes require art supplies. The beauty of digital art is that you don’t need to buy any art supplies.

After you finish creating the art, you don’t need to worry about where to place it.

Saving your digital artwork on your PC and not buying a new art supply will save you time and money in the long run.

How long does it take to learn Krita?

It only takes one week to be familiar with Krita.

Yes, it’s that easy. I think the only drawing apps that are easier than Krita are Procreate and Clip Studio Paint.

It’s easy to learn Krita because it is mainly a drawing and painting app, not photo editing software. Sure, you can edit photos just like in Photoshop, but the main reason Krita was created is for drawing.

Because it only focuses on drawing, the App UI is simple and easy to master.

Note that Krita has an animation workspace you can enable in case you want to create animation art

Can I Use Krita Even If I Can’t Draw?

Yes, you can use Krita even if you can’t draw. You can slowly learn how to draw on Krita

I used to draw using Clip Studio Paint before getting good at traditional art. Just like me, you can use Krita to learn drawing

You only need to learn Krita and digital art basics before creating the artwork you are proud of.

First, make sure you enable stabilization in Krita so you can draw straight lines confidently.

Use the undo button on Krita to correct a mistake when you’re drawing quickly. Use the Layers feature in Krita to make converting your sketch into an actual drawing easier.

The whole Krita experience allows you to create great digital artwork effortlessly

My Experience Learning Krita the First Time

I remember the time I started learning Krita. There are many amazing artists in the Reddit community.

After seeing their art, I realized Krita’s potential to create an amazing digital painting. Krita is the ideal drawing app for beginners.

My years of experience drawing and sketching using pencil make learning Krita easier.

Even though drawing on Krita feels different from drawing on paper, some art principles still apply. I only need to adapt and slowly improve my digital art.

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